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Increase the number of successfully funded projects by allowing transparency between project creator and contributor and by reducing the risk of contributing to a project that will never complete or that will deliver an undesirable finished product.

Why Us?

One in ten projects are never finished. The key is to subdivide them into tasks to guarantee their success.

At Fund Journey, we encourage a project to be divided into phases (up to four phases) as projects come in many sizes and stages. This way, phases of a project can be funded instead of the whole project upfront. It will allow the project creator time to showcase their progress as the project reaches completion.

Our platform allows transparency, flexibility and low risk. As a project creator, you are actively engaged in the project if you are satisfied with the route it's taking. As phases are completed, you can decide weather or not you want to continue funding the project.

Trust is essential between a contributor and project owner. This format gives the contributor confidence that a project will be completed and successful.

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