Why contribute to an entire project if you don't know you'll receive what was promised or you might not be satisfied with the finished product? Make sure you get your money’s worth.

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Sean Barrow Music

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Making country music is all I’ve wanted to do my whole life but needing a little help with buying some equipment! What you guys send will go to the funding of my equipment and I’ll pay you guys back!

Baby Hair Bows

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Collection of bows for the little one. Perfect gift for any occasion.

Unique Inspired Crafts

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Valentine's day cards with high quality paper for your valentine.

ADAE Jewelry

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ADAE jewelry; a minimalistic way to up style any wardrobe. Affordable, delicate accessories that uses simple pieces to transform any outfit into a statement. We are a small POC owned business of three sisters trying to break into the luxury jewelry market but with reasonable pricing. Help us follow our dreams and grow by supporting us before we launch! Thank you so much.

Believe In Me

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God game where you control your population with the help of a creature. Your creature will have stats that can be upgraded by gaining points from completing quests. Your creature stats and the way you complete your tasks, will determine the type of god you are. As a god, you can be feared or loved. But your circle of influence will be only as big as the number of followers you have.